Man-Caves are now evolving and have come up from the underground! What used to be a shed has now become the favorite refuge of men all around the country. They are used for a simple hangout where the guys can be with guys or a workshop where working on cars, trucks or motorcycles all the way down to model trains will keep a guy happy doing his manly thing.  Below are a few suggestions of models that lend themsleves very well to the He-Shed movement!

Ladies need a place of their own too! A retreat, craftroom, teahouse, hobby room or even a great place to take a nap. Ladies are getting creative when building their She-Sheds and some are even cooler than what they guys can come up with!

Quaker Sheds, also known as Garden Sheds lend themselves very well to both a He-Shed or a She-Shed. It’s unique roof line is remenicent of a carriage house and it makes a great started for a very unique retreat.

Quaker Sheds

Dormer Sheds have a fantastic feature that the other shed buildings don’t have.  It’s elevated ceiling and row of windows gives the feeling of more space and allow more light into the shed. It makes a perfect studio type He-Shed or She-Shed.

Dormer Sheds

Victorian Cottage’s have that elegant style that frankly, without sounding chauvanistic, fits women’s tastes more than most men. Some frilly lace and even Queen Victoria may be a little jealous.

Victorian Cottage Shed

Board & Batten Cabins have a rustic charm that appeals to both Women and Men and if you’re really looking for the ultimate, this portable building will be the best of the best. He-Shed or She-Shed, the portable cabin is the ultimate.

Board & Batten Cabins

Portable Garages may seem like a weird choice for a He-She or She-Shed but not really. You see, that big door can also be opened to let the outdoors in and with the addition of a patio or deck, you’ve suddenly increased your living space dramatically. Let your imagination run wild with the possbilities of turning this building into your most amazing shed.

Portable Garages